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PRESS RELEASE: Encourages Homeowners to Plan Their Deck Construction This Winter

PRESS RELEASE: Encourages Homeowners to Plan Their Deck Construction This Winter

The Minnesota deck builders at remind homeowners to start planning their deck construction now to ensure production is completed on time for early spring. Rather than wait for the weather to turn warmer, the experts at affirm that Learn more

Stay Dry as a Duck with Screen Rail Solutions from

Screen Rail Solutions from Did you know that a duck’s feathers are so waterproof that its down stays completely dry after a dive underwater? Sadly, humans don’t have this natural protection from the elements. With deck solutions from, Learn more

Why should you be an franchisee?

Join the flock and benefit as an franchisee! There’s nothing “fowl” about partnering with a recognized, reputable name amongst Minneapolis deck builders. With many years of experience and knowledge of outdoor decks, composite decking materials, deck railings and other Learn more

Enjoy Your Deck, Bug-Free!

Q: What do ducks have with soup? A: Quackers! Another classic soup joke is the one about the restaurant patron who found a fly in his bowl. However, there’s nothing funny about trying to enjoy your outdoor deck when you Learn more

PRESS RELEASE: Partners with eFinancing Solutions to Offer Financing Options is offering financing options through eFinance Solutions, enabling homeowners to fund their deck projects. Homeowners can finance deck restoration or discover how much it may cost to build a maintenance free deck and choose a loan option that best Learn more

Five More Factors to Consider Before You Build a Deck

  Building a deck can be an involved process. Understand all of the key components and options, however, and you’ll take to it like a duck takes to water! Discussing the following five factors will help you narrow down deck Learn more

Five Things to Know Before You Build a Deck

Q: Why did the duck fly south for the winter? A: Because it was too far to walk. With an outdoor deck to enjoy, you won’t want to walk or fly anywhere. Before you start planning deck designs, though, you Learn more

A Maintenance Free Deck Can Help You Have the Perfect Deck Party

Q: What kind of weather excites a pet duck? A: Fowl weather. Thankfully, “fowl” spring weather is being replaced with the warmth of summertime! Nicer weather means that it’s the perfect time for having parties on your beautiful outdoor deck. Learn more

What Does Your Deck Railing Say About You? Go Beyond the Norm with a DUCKtacular Deck Railing!

When homeowners make the decision to add a deck to their home, there are many components that need to be considered. You will likely see options for all types of composite decking materials, colors, designs, and more. But did you Learn more