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Building Your Composite Deck: How Much Will it Cost?

Building Your Composite Deck: How Much Will it Cost?

We are just entering the busy season here at Our Minnesota deck builders are hard at work helping homeowners discover and create beautiful decking solutions to enjoy all summer long. There is no better feeling than helping our customers Learn more
Host the Perfect Fall Barbeque on Your Maintenance Free Deck

Host the Perfect Fall Barbeque on Your Maintenance Free Deck

Ducks do not bathe – at least not in the traditional sense. Instead of taking water baths, ducks engage in preening. What is preening? Preening is one of the most common activities of a bird, second only to feeding. It Learn more

PRESS RELEASE:’s Maintenance Free Decking Adds Value for Homeowners Looking to Sell can provide value to homeowners by offering buyers a move-in ready, maintenance free outdoor living space.  Improving curb appeal is a recognized way to help sell a house. However, many homeowners have a difficult time deciding which enhancements are Learn more Supports DIY Deck Builders

  Complete your DIY outdoor deck plan with Don’t drive yourself “quackers” with a do it yourself (DIY) deck building project. The team of professional Minneapolis deck builders at is available to offer all the support, information, and Learn more

PRESS RELEASE: Partners with eFinancing Solutions to Offer Financing Options is offering financing options through eFinance Solutions, enabling homeowners to fund their deck projects. Homeowners can finance deck restoration or discover how much it may cost to build a maintenance free deck and choose a loan option that best Learn more

Five More Factors to Consider Before You Build a Deck

  Building a deck can be an involved process. Understand all of the key components and options, however, and you’ll take to it like a duck takes to water! Discussing the following five factors will help you narrow down deck Learn more

Maintenance Free Decks Improve Your Home and Your Lifestyle

You may have recently considered building a deck as an addition to your home. Perhaps you are interested in deck replacement, or are wondering about the cost to build a deck and which decking materials you should use. Of course, Learn more