Deck Footings

The foundation under a deck is one of its most important design features. A properly designed foundation consisting of a deck footing system will prevent the deck structure from sinking and shifting. It will carry the weight of the deck plus the weight of any furniture, appliances, and people on it. At UglyDeck, we offer deck footing installation services in the Twin Cities and Chicagoland areas that provide your deck with the solid foundation it needs for long-term stability.

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Not every homeowner in Chicago is familiar with how a deck is built. One of the most important elements of deck construction, beyond the deck framing, rails, and other accessories is the laying of a proper foundation. This involves the proper design, construction, and installation of a deck footing under each deck post. At UglyDeck, we offer resources to help you complete your DIY deck project successfully, including the deck footings.

UglyDeck Wins Best of the Best 2021 Award

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The Function of Deck Footing Systems

Deck footings distribute the load from the deck onto the soil, provide support and preventing the deck posts from sinking. These footings consist of concrete material and are placed below frost level. They may also be backfilled with gravel or soil to add strength and stability to the foundation. With such a deck footing system in place, the deck structure rests on solid ground that keeps the deck in place for the long-term.

We use three different types of footings, including concrete (poured), helical pier footings, and Diamond Pier (pin system) footings. These footings can consist of a combination of concrete and stainless-steel material and are placed below frost level.


Deck Footing Requirements

A properly installed concrete footing beneath each deck post will help ensure your deck does not cave or tip after installation. Deck footings keep the deck posts above the foundation and dry, removed from moisture in the ground which can eventually cause rotting. It is also important to follow applicable building codes and regulations regarding the design and installation of deck footings.

Our Concrete Footing Service

Our team at Ugly Deck provides all the materials you need for your decking footing installation. We also provide footing installation to help you get your DIY deck project started on the right “foot.” With knowledge of applicable building codes and best footing design and installation practices, we have your deck footing installation needs covered.

Coming Soon to Chicagoland: Partial Ledger and Footing Installation


Help with Your Deck Footing Installation

A properly installed concrete footing under a deck takes preparation, excavation, and more. The average homeowner may not know what materials to use or how to perform each step in the process. If the width of your footing is too wide, it may crack. If your footing is not wide enough and you place it too shallow in the ground, the footing pier may push up out of the ground due to frost heave. Deck footings should also have proper thickness and reinforcement. So, it is important to have professionals on your side helping you get your deck foundation right. At UglyDeck, we are here to help you do just that.

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For more information about the concrete footing materials and services we offer for decks, give us a call today at 952.736.3308 in the Twin Cities area, and 331.300.3071 in the Chicagoland area, or complete our contact form to request a free estimate.

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Better Than Big Box

We offer prices, free delivery, and selection that is better than what Big Box stores can offer. However, it is our resources, support, and coaching that make our company a better option for the do-it-yourself deck builder in the Twin Cities and Chicagoland areas.

  • Mitch H.
    "From the moment I chose as my supplier for my DIY project my wife and I felt like we had chosen the right people to help. Their showroom allowed us to see and touch the products we could choose from. Giving the dimensions of the project to our DIY coach allowed him to order exactly what we needed. After the project was finished, whatever lumber or decking we hadn't used was easily returned back to the shop. Overall, they made it very easy to get what was needed for us to get the project done! Highly recommended for any DIY'ers out there!"
    Mitch H.
  • Collin G
    "I was extremely impressed with Aaron's customer service and follow up. During my DIY project, he continually provided timely quotes and responses to my questions. I'd recommend Aaron and Ugly Deck to any homeowner looking to tackle their own deck project."
    Collin G
    Eden Prairie
  • Brad S.
    "If you are thinking of building or refurbishing a deck and want to perform the work yourself, look no further than UglyDeck's DIY service. From design to construction, they will be your partners throughout the entirety of the project. I had never built a deck before and I had used some of the big box store design tools prior to visiting Dave at UglyDeck. What I learned is that many of those programs will significantly overdesign the deck, leading to increases in both material and construction costs. I drew up a sketch of what I wanted the deck to look like, took some photos of the site and added in some measurements. UglyDeck took that information and designed the layout for me, including footings, beams, span lengths and blocking. I then met with Dave in person to go over the design. He answered all of my questions before, during and after my project, both email and phone. You just won't get that kind of support from many places."
    Brad S.
    Bloomington, MN
  • Brad S.
    "UglyDeck will provide you with everything you need for your project - lumber, hardware, fasteners, concrete, connectors and of course decking. You will get #1 treated lumber at big box store #2 prices. It is absolutely some of the nicest lumber I have ever worked with and the best part is I didn't have to sort through piles of twisted and knotted stock to find the few good ones suitable to use. Straight boards, few, if any defects and minimal crowning. The hardest part will be deciding what decking to use as UglyDeck offers a wide variety of top quality brands at different price points to fit your budget. I decided on a composite solution from TimberTech and couldn't be happier. All of the materials were delivered right to my home and placed where I wanted them to place it. If you have leftover materials like extra screws, nails and other hardware - no problem. You can return those items for a refund. I have recommended UglyDeck to several neighbors who have upcoming deck projects this year. I now have a beautiful outdoor recreation space that will last for decades!"
    Brad S.
    Bloomington, MN
  • Craig O.
    "The experience I had with was second to none. They were there to walk me through the process from start to finish on what I was looking for and what I would need. They had competitive pricing which was a jump start right off the bat that opened me to the best experience. The best part was the fact that they were willing to do a partial install (put the ledger board and the footings in for me) to ensure two of the most critical parts were started and were done correctly. So starting off I felt like I was already 10 steps ahead. Dave, from the DIY department, was phenomenal. Was super personable and always willing to answer his phone to help me with my questions. If I ever needed to double check what I was doing or needed something extra, Dave was willing to either FaceTime, Zoom, or stop by to assist as well as get any extra products I needed to me in super quick fashion. Everything and Dave did for me was fantastic and I would recommend them 10/10 times! In fact I have already told many of my neighbors who want to build about They definitely make you feel like you’re their number one priority by the way they take care of you! We now have a fantastic deck, just like we had envisioned!"
    Craig O.
    Rosemount, MN
  • Sara S.
    "Everything about our experience with Ugly Deck was smooth and positive! On our first visit to the showroom Dave helped walk us through design ideas and discussed our material options. Within the next 24 hours we had a quote and he made a trip to our house to make sure we were ordering everything we needed for our project. All correspondence was timely and professional. We had some extra materials to return and that whole process was easy too! Overall, Dave and his team were extremely friendly and helpful. Since our experience, we’ve recommended Ugly Deck to our friends and family."
    Sara S.
    Hutchinson, MN
  • Kim A.
    "Working with the team at Ugly Decks made doing our deck project possible. The decks and railings were cedar but rotting. The frame was in good shape. The project was to keep the original frame and replace the deck and railings with maintenance free materials. Having never done this type of project it was rather daunting. What materials to use? Where to get the materials? How much did we need? What kind of surprises or issues will be encountered? The team at Ugly Decks was able to help us with all these questions. They have a beautiful showroom that allowed us to see the possibilities. We were given samples to be able to see the options on location. With the measurements of our deck they were able to quickly determine our materials list. The materials were quality and delivered when we were ready to begin work. As our project progressed, they were available to answer our questions. When we thought we needed some additional materials they worked with us to determine the best materials, saving us money. Thank you, Dave and team for all the help!"
    Kim A.
    Apple Valley, MN
  • Curt K.
    "I rebuilt my deck in 2020. Dave and the team at Ugly Deck were a really great resource from start to finish. They calculated the materials, delivered everything to my home on precisely the agreed day, and provided great advice throughout the process. And the cost was essentially the same as if I had purchased from one of the big box stores."
    Curt K.
    Eagan, MN
  • John H.
    "We replaced our worn out decking, railings, fascia and stair landing as a DIY project in 2020. Dave Kodet and the crew at Ugly Deck were most helpful in all phases of the project - helping us decide which replacement materials were best for our needs, providing materials estimates, providing coaching on installation techniques and guidance on differing structural support requirements in changing from cedar to Timbertech Azek decking. Their pricing was as good as or better than any other we found, and they were always quick to respond when we had questions, needed additional materials or needed a replacement piece for one that had been damaged in shipment from the manufacturer. We would definitely recommend Ugly Deck and their DIY service."
    John H.
    Bloomington, MN
  • Jared S.
    "Great DIY services! Answered any and all my questions through my deck replacement project. Material pricing was in line or better than big box stores but the customer service from DIY Dave was far better than the chain stores. I definitely recommend"
    Jared S.
    St. Louis Park, MN
  • Spencer I.
    "I decided to replace my old cedar boards with new composite. Worked with 'DIY Dave' who answered all my questions during the install process. Selection of board brands was huge. Prices were just $1 more per board vs. big box stores, which was worth it considering the available loaner install tools and helpful install advice. And NO delivery charges!!!"
    Spencer I.
    Apple Valley, MN