The foundation under a deck is one of its most important design features. A properly designed foundation consisting of a deck footing system will prevent the deck structure from sinking and shifting. It will carry the weight of the deck plus the weight of any furniture, appliances, and people on it. At UglyDeck, we offer deck footing installation services in the Twin Cities’ area that provide your deck with the solid foundation it needs for long-term stability.

The Function of Deck Footing Systems

Deck footings distribute the load from the deck onto the soil, provide support and preventing the deck posts from sinking. These footings consist of concrete material and are placed below frost level. They may also be backfilled with gravel or soil to add strength and stability to the foundation. With such a deck footing system in place, the deck structure rests on solid ground that keeps the deck in place for the long-term.

Our Concrete Footing Service

Our team at Ugly Deck provides all the materials you need for your decking footing installation. We also provide footing installation to help you get your DIY deck project started on the right “foot.” With knowledge of applicable building codes and best footing design and installation practices, we have your deck footing installation needs covered.


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